NO'stalgia Weekly: Volume 1, Issue 3

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NO'stalgia Weekly is the first smart magazine. It includes QR codes that can be scanned while reading. QR codes may lead to websites, coupons, playlists, and social media pages.
Issue 3 includes:
  • Chef Tanisha Dixon on supreme eating and good vibes;
  • Gia Queen on rebirthing the body;
  • a "Listen While You Read" YouTube playlist featuring Gia Queen and Mansa Obi (scan cover);
  • photography by @cee__life__photography, @dericksphotography, and @supreme__eats;
  • three ways music affects how we eat;
  • tips and recommendations to start your own Supreme Eats journey;
  • coupons from a few of our partners - 250 Fan Addicts, Shmart Media, and New Earleans Studios;
  • surface thoughts - the very first though that comes to your mind before your brain translates the "right thing" to say OR just random thoughts;
  • our most recommended products that help us rebirth our minds, bodies, and souls;
  • five benefits on how music can heal you;
  • an artist directory to follow and contact your favorite artist (scan their codes);
  • a business directory to contact our partners (scan their codes).

Thank you for your continued support! - Editor @tiapiaquinn