NO'stalgia Weekly: Volume 1, Issue 1

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NO'stalgia Weekly is the first interactive magazine. It includes QR codes that can be scanned while reading. QR codes may lead to websites, coupons, playlists, and social media pages.
The Very First Issue includes:
  • Mansa Obi building a musical gauntlet;
  • Griff appreciating the process;
  • Nyeme recognizing and understanding success;
  • a "Listen While You Read" Spotify playlist featuring all three artists (scan cover);
  • photography by @dericksphotography, @mansaobi, and @tiapiaquinn;
  • three simple marketing reminders from Shmart Media;
  • TiPi TV's tips on why artists should do interviews;
  • coupons from a few of our partners - 250 Fan Addicts, Shmart Media, and New Earleans Studios;
  • surface thoughts = the very first thought that comes to your mind before your brain translates the "right thing" to say OR just random thoughts;
  • tips on how to have a successful studio session;
  • helping Showtime New Orleans find New Orleans' next big star;
  • a partner space;
  • monetizing your music with 250 Fan Addicts;
  • Indie Box's four microphone techniques to sound like a pro in the studio;
  • an artist directory to follow and contact your favorite artist (scan their codes);
  • a business directory to contact our partners (scan their codes).

Thank You for Your Support! :) - Editor @tiapiaquinn